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The time has come: Let's close down the casino economy!

ATTAC’s statement on the financial crisis and democratic alternatives

“Disarm the markets!” When Attac was founded in 1998, this slogan was formulated against the backdrop of the financial crash in East Asia. Since then, we have witnessed other crises triggered by financial markets: in Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and the burst of the “New Economy” bubble in 2001.

At present, the “haves” are in the midst of a crisis, which is the deepest since the crash of 1929. The crash at Wall Street in September 2008 marks the end of a historic period: the system of financial capitalism, a system driven only by the search for maximum profit, has collapsed. It destroyed itself as a result of its own inherent contradictions. The financial shock waves have just reached the real economy. The US has entered into a recession; the EU is following. The entire global economy will be affected.

Attac’s Ten Principles for a Democratic Treaty

Towards a new legal foundation of the European Union

The European Attacs deem the present form of the European Union a serious obstacle to democratic achievements, fundamental rights, social security, gender justice, and environmental sustainability. It suffers from a lack of democracy, legitimacy, and transparency, and is governed by a set of treaties which force neoliberal policies on member states and the whole world.
This is the reason why the European Attac network considers the future of Europe as a central issue in its activities. In 2005, the European Attacs started a common process of reflexion and debate about European issues. This declaration inscribes itself in this dynamic.

Since the Non and Nee in France and the Netherlands it is clear that not only the proposed Constitutional Treaty (from now on: CT) but also the present European Union lack popular legitimacy, and are widely regarded as undemocratic and antisocial.

MEP candidates pledge to stop corporate control of Brussels

More than 350 MEP candidates ‘pinned down’ by election campaign
Brussels, June 4 – More than 350 candidates standing in this week’s European Parliament elections have pledged that if elected, they will work for a European Union that puts public interests before private profits.

As part of the ‘Pin down you candidate’ initiative organised by campaign groups around Europe (, citizens from all 27 EU member states have been asking candidates to commit to work for lobbying transparency, big business accountability, a just EU trade policy, and financial market regulation.

More than 350 candidates - mostly from the greens (47%), social democrats (17%) and other left-leaning parties (17%) – have signed one or more of the four pledges. Also candidates of liberal (8%), conservative (4%) or nationalist parties (3%) have declared their support for the demands.