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european institutions

Attac’s Ten Principles for a Democratic Treaty

Towards a new legal foundation of the European Union

The European Attacs deem the present form of the European Union a serious obstacle to democratic achievements, fundamental rights, social security, gender justice, and environmental sustainability. It suffers from a lack of democracy, legitimacy, and transparency, and is governed by a set of treaties which force neoliberal policies on member states and the whole world.
This is the reason why the European Attac network considers the future of Europe as a central issue in its activities. In 2005, the European Attacs started a common process of reflexion and debate about European issues. This declaration inscribes itself in this dynamic.

Since the Non and Nee in France and the Netherlands it is clear that not only the proposed Constitutional Treaty (from now on: CT) but also the present European Union lack popular legitimacy, and are widely regarded as undemocratic and antisocial.