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Street Pedagogy

Hi Attac activists, Could we share ideas be understandable outside of Attac, in the street, during a public event ?In our local group in Provence, we developed to that end some effective devices with common properties:-Unusual, strange !  People come to  have a look.-Delivering simple, clear and strong messages. An introduction to ask for more.-Inviting people to act (press a button, turn a wheel) in a symbolic way...mind is free for a moment-Aesthetic, pacific. The media take pictures and carry onwards our message...3 pictures are attached. They show a fake roadsign "Citizen Choices/Carrefour des choix de société/Kreuzung zur Wahl der Gesellschaft" - the German language version was produced at the Austrian AktionsAkademie in Linz.Year after year, pictures of the panel appear on bookcover, publications, cartoons....I will try to describe other tools that support explanations about  : sharing the wealth, choosing concurrence or cooperation, learning about GATS, about the European Treaty...It is fun and effective at the same time.