Deligitimize EU treaties, break free from them and build another Europe

The crisis of the EU combines with the global crisis. The Pact for the euro and the projected new economic governance mean that European populations will have to bear an ever more severe austerity; they further increase the anti-democratic nature of the European construction. Building on popular discontent and perplexity, the Far Right is getting stronger everywhere in Europe.

This European Union is not ours. It serves the oligarchies it has been devised and tailored for. The EU and its member states have no regard for democratic choices and only want to sacrifice people to financial markets. This has to stop.

No empowering and democratic policy promoting solidarity and meeting social needs and environmental challenges can be initiated unless it relies on a radical break with the rules prevailing in the EU. This means that at the local and national level political decision-makers must be able to break free from all legal constraints that enforce neoliberal policies, and that all possible convergences be sought so that such constraints are also abolished at the European level. This uprising of European peoples would make it possible to build another Europe.

Following the Irish Yes to the Lisbon treaty - EU unveal its secret plans to establish itself as a global power

The Daily Telegraph wrote an article entitled "EU draws up plans to establish itself as 'world power'"

"As we have long warned, the Lisbon Treaty increases the EU's power at the expense of the countries of Europe,

EU acquire "legal personality" which means:

  • they can sign international agreements on behalf of member states.
  • open embassies with ambassadors and representatives across the world
  • EU will decided on foreign policy, defence, crime and judicial issues. Europe will speak with on unique voice!
  • 1 "foreign minister" and EU President,

Decisions "in principle" will be taken despite the fact that Czech Republic have not yet fully ratified the new EU Treaty.

Nos alternatives à la crise globale

Fri, 25/09/2009 - 11:00 - 17:00

Evaluation des solutions des gouvernements de l'UE

A la crise économique et financière


Our Alternatives to the Global Crisis

Fri, 25/09/2009 - 11:00 - 17:00

Assessing the EU governments solutions to

the Financial and Economic Crisis


The financial crash is now haunting the planet for more than one year and has fully spilled over to the real economy, with the worst impacts for people still to come. Unemployment is soaring everywhere, insolvencies are reaching unprecedented levels, and social systems are even more put under pressure. This urgency however has not led the EU governments and the European Commission to truly change course. Instead of engaging in financial reforms which tackle the root causes of the crisis, the EU proposals so far are limited and short of what is needed to shape a sound financial system. The rescue and stimulus measures undertaken managed to avoid the total collapse of the economies, but are not enough to ensure a balanced system with stability in the long term.