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Close down the casino economy!

Illustration of another europe possible

Disarm the markets! When Attac was founded in 1998, this slogan evolved against the background of the financial crash in East Asia. At present, the wealthy of the world are in the middle of a crisis, which is the heaviest since the Great Depression in 1929. This crisis has a systematic character: The structure and the mechanisms of that system themselves are now being questioned. The neoliberal Globalization and the fictitious idea of self-regulating markets is failing.

The answer to this crisis shouldn't be restricted to moralizing capitalism or at naming the guilty among the major players of the financial market. The only results one can expect from piecemeal (re)regulations and the short term crisis management, are a salvation of the neo-liberal course and that it will take us by the hand and lead us into future disasters. The response to this crisis demands an exit to neoliberalism and to put an end to the influence that the financial economy has on society.

Attac demands:

  • A refusal to the socialization of the losses and to the privatization of the profits
  • Speculators pays principles
  • Strengthening of a public and cooperative banking sector
  • A revision of the international monetary and financial system within a global reform by the United Nations
  • Taxations of all kinds of financial transfers including currency transactions - A progressive taxation of capital income
  • To close down tax heavens
  • To put an end to all destabilising and unsustainable instruments of the financial system

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