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Attac Austria

Attac Austria is the Austrian chapter of the global globalization-critical movement Attac. We engage for a democratic and socially just global economic system. We inform about economic-political interdependecies, develop political claims, network with other social movements around the world and support local alternatives. Attac Austria is mainly funded by private donations and membership fees; and we are not related to any political party. The major part of the work of Attac Austria is done by volunteers organised in more the 40 regional or content groups, supported by a small office team of five people.

Our main topics are:

  • an alternative finance system,
  • a solidaric Europe, a just tax-system,
  • food sovereignty,
  • social equality,
  • a just trade system and
  • climate justice.


Attac Austria was founded in 2000. A major campaign was the Stop-GATS campaign 2002-2003. Since 2013 we are the driving force behind the Stop-TTIP campaign in Austria. 


Yearly elections of a board of 9 honorary members of our charitable association. Office team of five people (CEO, press, campaigns, admin, infos). 


Various partnerships with other NGOs (Friends of the Earth Austria/Global2000, Greenpeace, Südwind, SOS Mitmensch, OeBV Via Campesina,...)


"Wege aus der Krise" [english: "Ways out of the crisis"] - to counter austerity politics and claim a wealth tax; "TTIP Stoppen" - the Stop-TTIP coalition