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THE YES MEN are revolting Thursday, 2016 October 20, 6.30 pm

ttac Luxembourg, Caritas Luxembourg et Klimabündnis vous invitent cordialement à la projection du documentaire :

THE YES MEN are revolting

Jeudi, 2016 October 20, 18h30
Documentary, directed by Laura Nix, Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos

USA 2014

Duration : 92 min

OV English, subtitles German
Synopsis :
For the last 20 years, notorious culture jamming activists the Yes Men have staged outrageous and hilarious hoaxes to draw international attention to corporate crimes against humanity and the environment. Armed with nothing but quick wits, thrift-store suits and a lack of shame, these iconoclastic revolutionaries lie their way into government functions to expose the dangers of letting greed run our world. Their satirical interventions at business events, on the internet, television, and in the streets form the basis of their everyday rebellion. In the wake of the Occupy Wall Street protests they embark on a new campaign to combat climate change denial.
Global issues need global solutions, but starting on a local level. Let's speak out together against any kind of global injustice - get up and act !
“It's going to take every one of us speaking out and showing up in order to effect real change for the environment and every other important issue of our time. That's why this film will inspire you to join us in REVOLTING. Because it WORKS, and because it's FUN.“ – The YES MEN
Winner of the Creative Time's Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change, Grierson Documentary Award, Berlinale Panorama Audience Award, the United Nations Association Film Festival Grand Jury Award, Best Documentary Award at HBO Comedy Arts Festival, and the Audience Award at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam.
The evening is organised by :

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