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Die internationalen Kampagnen des Attac-Netzwerks

  • For a Europe-wide coordinated levy on wealth

    A constantly increasing disparity of wealth is an intrinsic aspect of capitalism. Therefore, strong political correctives to create a fairer distribution are necessary. This applies even more in the currently dominant form of capitalism driven by financial markets, since here the disparity in the distribution of prosperity has been growing especially rapidly. The nature of the crisis As this...

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  • Close down the casino economy!

    Disarm the markets! When Attac was founded in 1998, this slogan evolved against the background of the financial crash in East Asia. At present, the wealthy of the world are in the middle of a crisis, which is the heaviest since the Great Depression in 1929. This crisis has a systematic character: The structure and the mechanisms of that system themselves are now being questioned. The...

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  • Say no to the attack on social and democratic rights in Europe!

    The financial crisis has caused a substantial increase in public debt. Instead of sending the bill to the banking and financial services industry, European governments and the European Commission plan to make ordinary citizens pay: workers, families, young people - people like you! The euro crisis has become the occasion to set up a neoliberal "economic governance" which will impose austerity...

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  • Fiscal and Economic Union

    Fiscal pact, ESM, six-pack, two-pack Under the pressure of the crisis, the powerful are pushing through their murky "reform" measures at a rapid pace. The logic is always the same: Reduce debts through cuts in social services and privatisation, raise competitiveness through wage cuts and eliminate workers rights. The consequences: A deep recession, further aggravating the economic crisis. In...

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